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Installing Rojo


Rojo has two halves that need to be installed:

  • The command line interface (CLI)
  • The Roblox Studio plugin


It's important that your installed version of the plugin and CLI are compatible.

The plugin will show errors in the Roblox Studio output window if there is a version mismatch.

VS Code Extension

If you use Visual Studio Code, you can install the Rojo VS Code extension, which will install both halves of Rojo for you. It even has a nifty UI to sync files and start/stop the Rojo server!

Installing the CLI

With Foreman

Foreman is a toolchain manager that is useful for managing tools like Rojo for Roblox projects.

To install from the latest stable release channel, currently 0.5.x, add an entry to the [tools] section of your foreman.toml:

rojo = { source = "rojo-rbx/rojo", version = "0.5" }

From GitHub

If you're on Windows, there are pre-built binaries available from Rojo's GitHub Releases page.

The Rojo CLI must be run from the command line, like on MacOS or cmd.exe on Windows. It's recommended that you put the Rojo CLI executable on your PATH to make this easier.


It's also possible to install Rojo releases using Rust. This will compile Rojo from source and install it on your machine.

To install from the latest stable release channel, currently 0.5.x, use:

cargo install rojo

To install a different version, like the latest 0.4.x release, use:

cargo install rojo --version ^0.4

Installing the Plugin

Installing from GitHub

The Rojo Roblox Studio plugin is available from Rojo's GitHub Releases page.

Download the attached rbxm file and put it into your Roblox Studio plugins folder. You can find that folder by pressing Plugins Folder from your Plugins toolbar in Roblox Studio:

'Plugins Folder' button in Roblox Studio

Installing from

Rojo has a separate plugin for each release channel. Make sure you install the correct one!

Press the 'Install' on the plugin page to add it to Roblox Studio.