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New Maintainers


As some of you may know, Lucien Greathouse (the original author of Rojo) has stepped away from the Roblox ecosystem. This blog post won't go into the details of why, but if you're curious you can check out the blog post he wrote on the subject. The immediate impact of Lucien stepping away was that Rojo was left without a maintainer, since nobody else was a major contributor and no one volunteered.

However, several months later, this has been resolved. Members of the Rojo organization and the folk in the Roblox Open Source Server are now actively maintaining Rojo and its related projects.

The only notable change you as a user should be aware of is that the Roblox Studio plugin is now published by a group on Roblox rather than Lucien's Roblox account. You can find the updated download link here. This only impacts you if you are not letting Rojo manage the plugin for you.

No promises on this blog being updated going forward, since there isn't much that's "blog-worthy" to share. We just thought it was important to share an update on Rojo's maintenance and the future.