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Version: v0.5

Rojo Alternatives

There are a number of existing plugins for Roblox that move code from the filesystem into Roblox.

Besides Rojo, you might consider:

So why did I build Rojo?

Each of these tools solves what is essentially the same problem from a few different angles. The goal of Rojo is to take all of the lessons and ideas learned from these projects and build a tool that can solve this problem for good.


  • I think that this tool needs to be built in a compiled language without a runtime, for easy distribution and good performance.
  • I think that the conventions promoted by other sync plugins (.module.lua for modules, as well a single sync point) are sub-optimal.
  • I think that I have a good enough understanding of the problem to build something robust.
  • I think that Rojo should be able to do more than just sync code.