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Version: v7

Recommended Workflows

This document aims to outline some recommended workflows for using Rojo solo and in teams.

Development Places

Many Roblox developers collaborate using Team Create. While Team Create is great for collaborative building and newer developers, it is also prone to issues.

What workflow you migrate to depends on how much of your game you would like Rojo to manage.

If you just want to use Rojo to manage your game's scripts, and leave everything else managed by Team Create or a similar feature, that is called Partially Managed Rojo.

If you want to manage your entire game with Rojo and reap all of its benefits like continuous deployment and hermetic builds, that is called Fully Managed Rojo.

Partially Managed Rojo

Best practice is still being developed here, but it is generally recommended that each programmer on a project have their own place to work in.


Fully Managed Rojo